Inner City Tour

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays
10:00 to 14:00
In-house Guests: R300pp
Tour-only guests: R350pp

Strap on your walking shoes and climb aboard the safest local transport for some urban trekking through some of the city’s best-kept secrets. You’ll see the places that don’t show up on any guide books (unless we decide to publish our own one day).

Tour Details

Welcome and orientation

Get to Curiocity at 10am, sip a fresh-brewed cappuccino while we kick off with introductions and orientation.

Kwa Mai Mai Traditional Healers Market

Have your fortune told or a minor ailment healed by a real sangoma, possibly using animal parts, and definitely using centuries-old traditional African techniques. You should also pick up some traditional clothing, shields, or beaded accessories before you go.

Collectors Treasury

Browse the shelves stacked in all 8-stories of the largest rare and used bookstore in Africa. Scour antique books, maps, old engravings and prints, vinyl and shellac records, and newspapers and periodicals dating back centuries.

Carlton Centre

Get a panoramic view of the City of Gold from the Top of Africa, the top floor of the 50-storey Carlton Centre. At 223m, it’s the tallest building in Africa, and was once the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere.

Chancellor House

In the 1950s, the humble 3-storey Chancellor House was home to Mandela and Tambo Attorneys. That’s Nelson Mandela, and Oliver Tambo. Google them.

Little Addis (optional)

Joburg’s Ethiopian Quarter brings a little bit of North East Africa to South Africa, with authentic food, coffee, cotton, spices, and silver scattered among its colorful shops.